Aug 9, 2006


  • Got birth certificate in Virudhunagar, Degree certificate in Madurai and now getting pay check in Chennai
  • Post graduate in Medical Microbiology, currently pursuing research in HIV Immunology (Now Mr.HIV has a new rival, He Is Vignesh)
  • Addicted to music . An ardent fan of Ilaiyaraja and the chip off the old block, Yuvan
  • Love reading any printed matter(packing material to pillow sized text books)
  • Written many articles and short stories in
  • Far away from the maddening crowd, standing apart from the herd and very unique


vigneshwari said...

hi vignesh!! you'd be surprised..because my name is vignesh as well..vigneshwari actually...n i'm just as crazy as you are about yuvan's music!!..i can play most of his songs on my electone already!!..newaiz..laterz vignesh..(feels like i'm sayin bye to myself..:)hehe..

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