May 16, 2008

Is he really worth it?

Right from early 90s, we are used to his young &childish voice, that regulared in many of his maternal uncle A.R. Rahman's albums . In 2006, he reappeared in TFM as a music director in Shankar's "Veyil", which had a couple of hit songs that made heads turn towards him.

His uncle's fame did both good and bad to this young chap. Stars shone brightly on him that he got opportunities to score music for youthful and music oriented subjects. "Kreedom" & "Oram Po", were projects that sounded more than this young guy could chew, and he came out with a few brilliant compositions here and there. "Pollaadhavan"'s box-office results and Yogi's remix song got him the fame and name he never deserved. Not to forget the clever lift of "Minnalgal Koothaadum" from "smack that".

Simbu teamed up with him for his "Kaalai" which turned out to be a disaster. Again he had lifted "Sivaji" Mottaiboss theme for an image build up song in "Kaalai".

His songs for Prakashraj's "Vellithirai" got appreciations inspite of the songs bearing too much of resemblance to his uncle's previous compositions. Then came the shocker that "Sooriyane" song was a note-to-note copy of Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You". These instances of
copying before reaching a double digit count of movies, is really disheartening.

Scoring music for Superstar Rajni's movie is every composer's dream and GVP is damn lucky to have bagged the chance to compose for "Kuselan". Yuvan's tussle with Selvaragavan proved lucky to G.V.P that he replaced Yuvan for Selva's "Aayirathil Oruvan".
Lets keep aside all the sky-high expectations mounted on him and see how this whiz kid delivers with such meaty subjects in pipeline.

Then we will know, if he is really worth it...

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Anonymous said...

I was shocked to hear suriyane.Its like a tamil version of keith urban's song..He definitely never had the intention to copy..There must be a reason for it..

KUMAR said...

Hi anonymous,
Reason or EXCUSE?

New kamal on the block ;) said...

G.V.Prakash nu oru composara?

Okay, if ya'll start counting even G.V.Prakash as well as a composer then how will ya'll refer Raaja sir, K.V.M and M.S.V et al???

De same blog has Heyraam score and now bout G.V.Prakash, either dis blog owner wants to offend Raaja sir n HIS fans OR begins addicted to sound engineerin in name of Music (contemporary)...Please check yer words. If ya'd like to continue bout G.V.Prakash & amateur sound engg then I would REQUEST to start a separate blog for Raaja sir so that HIS fans and true music lovers would not be offened. Have a good one! God bless you!

Vignesh said...

To the enraged, fellow-Raja fan,

Just look at the title of my post ... That describes it all

New kamal on the block ;) said...

When we were invited to visit yer blog for Heyram clip and after seein yer has blog - "Music with 32 articles", I was so excited & was with so much expectation tat all those blogs would be bout Raaja sir only...However, it was really disheartenin to see a couple of articles alone bout Raaja sir and remainin are blab blab blab. It should be mah misinterpretation with pre-occupied mind + over-enthu gesture :-( I would appreciate if you start postin al de articles bout Raaja sir in a separate blog. It would be kind of you as well. Have a good one! God bless you!

Anyways, diamond is always diamond even if we throw it in garbage bin as well.


~~Raaja rules

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