Apr 12, 2008

Harris does it again !

The promo song from Surya starrer "Vaaranam Aayiram" is already a hit. With Gautham menon joining hands with Harris Jeyaraj for the fourth time, the expectations are huge.

Have a look at the "Adiye Kolludhae" song from Vaaranam aayiram...

and also the "Source"

Harris, may you be deemed with the prestigious award of "Best Copier", following the foot steps of 'Thenisai thendral' Deva.

Thanks to fellow hubber KB for pointing the source of copy. :-)

1. Give and take policy - A.R. Rahman & G.V. Prakash kumar
2. Is "Sahaana" from Sivaji inspired from Ilaiyaraja?


Anonymous said...

Really ridiculous comparison.Shame on u for posting this .

sundar said...

Harris always copies..........this song of VA is a mixer of three songs,,,,,,,,,,,AC/DC , MJ, and the starting tune is O hum dum suniyo re or Endrendrum punnagai song.............Shameof this ..........gy.he is next to CC Deva

Anonymous said...

Folks, am a very crazy fan of Harris and your post was disturbing. After listening to the 2 songs, may be I must think twice but come on noonez perfect?

again your title "Harris does it again!" What other songs has he copied? can u list?


Ram said...

Yeah Sundar. This song has heavy shades of "Endrendrum punnagai".
Harris always likes to walk in Rahman's shoes :-)

Ram said...

Hi Maverick,

Thanks for your comment.
Check out the following youtube videos for recent lifts of HJ.
Un sirippinil (Pachaikili muthucharam) - http://youtube.com/watch?v=0aBVJjmMm_8

Oru mugamo (Bheema) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_QGyLqQ2CI

For more lifts by HJ ( & others)
visit http://itwofs.com/tamil-others.html

Anonymous said...

guys guys wake up, just b'coz the elecetric guitars are similar doesnt mean u can write about the music genius as copier, ARR is no different, hez lifted as well.... no doubt ARR is musical wizkid but dont pass loose comments, hez lifted few strings off the score so what?

Ram said...

What about the similarity with "Alaipaayudhey's" Endrendum Punnagai?

As Maverick says, No one's perfect. But HJ seems to be in a copying spree. Don't u agree? He needs to try delivering variety songs and break from his monotonous sounds.

Anonymous said...


Cant disagree that the web site http://itwofs.com/tamil-others.html
is one good collection of original and lifted versions. The author has invested quite a vast amount of his/her valuable time on it!!

Referring to lifts by Harris, I find the theme music of Anniyan is more similar than any of the so called lifts mentioned in the website. Seems like HJ may have some starting troubles but hey that guy is a genius and a smartie, dont mention him a coopier, and I cant be more than fair in my judgement.

You cant disagree that most of his music are reasonably better than the best. Let me know whats your thoughts are


Ram said...

Of course, I personally like "some" of his songs. But I can't rate his as a genius. Well that's my opinion. But its a fact that he has not shown his versatility yet.

Check out a HJ song in Telugu for the film "Munna" which is exactly a copy of Dilse chaiya chaiya. The movie was dubbed in tamil as "KUmaran" Check out the "Oru Pambaram" song @ http://www.raaga.com/channels/tamil/movie/T0001225.html

Anonymous said...

mmmm, well it goes back to my original saying, noonez perfect...

Inspiration is the word one must use...everyone gets inspired you know. HJ is churning up some good music and is appreciated by most of my multicultural friends, they now started to listen to TAMIZL music mostly HJ's and that makes me proud, am inspired are you?


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