May 20, 2007

Sivaji - Sahara- Inspired from Ilaiyaraja?

One of fellow bloggers pointed out that 'Sahara' from "Sivaji " starts off exactly like Raja's late 70s classic "Ore naal" from "Ilamai oonjalaadugiradhu". Smirking at the irony that both are Super star's movies, I whistled both the tunes.
Bingo! the starting line is an exact ditto and Sahara's tune takes a twist after that.

Check out for yourself and try humming or whistling the beginning lines...

Ore naal
Ore naal.mp3

Sahana Sivjai1.mp3

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Anonymous said...

Mmm.. That's a good catch.
The opening is definitely similar

Sriram said...

Except for the beats, the start is very similar. Perhaps its the raaga, or perhaps its IR - he's the inspiration for a lot many MDs.

Ganesh said...

Hmmm...slightky similar yes...but i found the slower version of sahaan very much inspired from Nightingale by yanni...esp the flute similarities in the tune, but the flute patterns are quite similar to that used in Nightingale by yanni

Mahesh said...

Might be Same on Both Ragas,i dont find the similiarity of both the songs..
Try Thangapadhakathin Mela Oru Muthu...

And Enna Vilai Azhagae...u can feel it

Anonymous said...


I somehow feel it is similar to Raaja's "Vandal, Vandal Rajakumari, Oyari" of Bagyaraj Movie.

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