May 4, 2007

Is "Sivaji" really a satisying album?

In Tamilnadu, whenever a Superstar's movie is announced, the fans start biting their nails and await the music and subsequently the movie release. It really does not matter who composes the tunes for the film. The presence of Rajini is enough to do the magic.Even if you rope in Vijaya T. Rajendar ???!!!! to score music!???!?! for a Rajini movie, the songs will be lapped up by fans and by repeated telecast in sat channels, they would become super hit.

But Rajini is very shrewd in choosing his crew. The most happening and hot technician is always chosen for his projects. Sivaji seems to have brought together all hot shots in respective fields like Rahman, Sujatha, Antony, K.V. Anand, Peter Hein and so on...

Coming to the Music department, the expectations were sky high considering the record of past super hits of Shankar-Rahman combo. Weeks before the official audio release three complete songs did their rounds in internet and God only knows how they found their way out of Shankar's highly secured fort. When people had their own doubts on listening to those leaked out samples, fans convinced them saying that these were from scraps and finished & mixed product will be many fold better than that. But the officially released songs were not different except for the stereophonic effects and slight mixing here and there.

Majority of the IT professionals and those who are regularly hooked to net are less than 30 years old and majoriy of them are Rahman fans. Hence they are the unofficial marketting people of Rahman and have done an excellent job by creating too much of hype and publicity.

But looking at reality, Sivaji songs are not hit in our nearby state AP. Let us analyse the songs in detail...

While "Ballelakka" has all the energy and usual ingredients of a typical Rajini intro song and is already a hit. Doesn't it remind us of a few earlier superstar intro songs and other songs by Vidyasagar? By the way, what does 'Ballelakka' mean? Couldn't they find any tamil word to replace that?

"Style" - We can conduct a contest to the fans to jot down the lyrics of this song without the help of lyric booklet. Guess what the initial "shouting" before the song begins means " Give me one time style yeah, give me two time style yeah and give me three time style yeah". God only knows why they had minced up both Tamil and English altogether. People may call it an experimentation or innovation, but can't visualise Rajini dancing to this over-stylish song.

"Vaa ji vaaji" - Vairamuthu's tamil ,Hariharan's voice and melodious tune saves the song. But don't the beats and flow of tune sound so predictable ? This song doesn't come in league of Shankar -ARR team's previous efforts.

"Sahana" - God save tamil people from Udit Narayan. He singlehandedly have spoiled the otherwise beautiful melody number.

"Athiradi" is an extremely enjoyable dance number with "JAM" beats and magical tune. But here again, we need the help of lyrics book for reading sub-standard lyrics by Vaalee. Do you sincerely think, Rahman's voice will suit Superstar?

Shivaji fight music sounds energetic and electrifying, but for the meaningless, T.Rajendar's styled lyrics.

I know very well that Rahman fans, will tear me apart on reading this. To them all, a kind request - try to be neutral, imagine you are not fanatic of Rahman or Rajini, close your eyes and recollect all these songs and ask your conscience if the songs of "Sivaji", really rock? and you will get the answer.

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Dinesh said...

Yo ARR fan here... but u have to accept the fact Sivaji audio was indeed a very satisfying album from ARR-Shankar combo... yes,it was a 'cultural shock' for Rajini fans who hasnt had a Athiradee or Style song for Thalaivar b4.... but hey,its a warm welcome... Style & Vaaji has conquered the Malaysian FM ever since it got released...

no worries.... or im not sure y r u so not satisfied with the album...?? y not u close ur eyes,and imagine its a new 'life' for Rajini album...and u will feel the 'light' :)...

Mohamed Rafeek said...

Hahahahah..... nice joke, keep it up.

Vishal said...

its very difficult to imagine Rajini in these songs. and the hardcore fans of the superstar, mostly from rural TN and urban lower classes can not even pronounce the opening lines of these lyrics. I feel, Rahman for a change has given some groovy classy songs for Rajinikanth(unlike their earlier films Muthu and Padayappa).
Songs like Sunlight, Adhiradee should be played in hi-fi audio systems to be enjoyed. definitely unfit for chennai's tea-kadai bench. no wonder, the songs will be played by all radio stations and will become chartbusters, but the question is, will the local junta patronize these songs?
im very disappointed with Balelakka(wtf?). Its turning out to be the most pathetic Rajini intro song! Hope the video is better. Vaaji is very ordinary duet.
Udit Narayan should be jailed for killing Tamil. Why does ARR opt for him in all his movies?

Vignesh said...

Exactly Vishal.
That's what I feel too.

muls said...

Well said vignesh,
though a hardcore fan of SS RK & ARR, I feel very disappointed with ARR songs, neither of the songs are equivalent to any of his recent songs (ARR's) nor of RK's

Vignesh said...

Thanks Muls.
Happy to get such true responses from people rather than hyped up, biased, excited reviews

Ravi K said...

I agree that Udit ruined Sahana. Why not Hariharan or some other singer? Otherwise its a very nice song. But it is absolutely appalling the way Udit pronounces "aandugal" as "eyndugal" the first time the word is in the lyrics.

Style is one of the strangest Tamil songs I've heard and I think its terrific.

Athiradee sounds very much like Michael Jackson's "Jam" at some points, but its a fun song.

Balelakka is an okay song. I guess the Rajini intro song will fall into a formula of rustic beats. The beats sound like those of Thamkthaka Thimthaka from Thirumalai (Vidyasagar)

Vaaji is an ordinary sounding song. Standard beats, and Hariharan doesn't sound as sweet as he has before.

The Boss is a rocking track that's just a collection of punch dialogues.

Overall a satisfying album for me, but with some compromises due to this being a Rajini film.

nickraman said...

Well said man. ARR-Rajni apologists can defend their precious however they want, they have no ear for music. In comparison to Mudhalvan, these songs aren't listen worthy. Despite that, the film is getting hyped up for a Thatha to romance a heroine who can't utter a tamil word yet is sticking around for exposing her beauty. Ek dum Bakwaas. His last with Shankar, Boyz was peppy and addictive, but this time around, he misses the bus. Bottom line: The film's getting more hype than that Abhiwariya Wedding. Sheesh. I'm sorry, if Rajni can't act his age, he might as well quit. He can't act as he the style mannan. Chandramukhi shows that.

rajkumar said...

dued i think you are the person who dont like changes,,,,,,when ppl tell sivaji they expect more,,,,,,,,,its the biggest combination ever(rajini,arrahman and shankar)so when u go on to follow the same old style of rajini, it will become boring again
and this defenitly is
a big treat,do u want the same routine of rajini and rahman?and wats wrong with ballailaka?cant u hear the sweet voice of SBP,,,,,i agree its not a tamil word but still,,,,,,its melodious,and u cant imagine the stlye song singing in tamil?so there is a need of eng over there...and the theme s style

Anonymous said...

hai friend,

you said correct. but why did you insult t.rajender. he is worthable lyrics in past years his movies. nowadays he changed. but past years his songs are liked many people including IR fans.

sivaji songs are bad, two years later this songs out of songs collection.


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