May 5, 2007

Dil Maange More

As I'd expected, Rahman fans got obviously offended on reading my previous post. Dinesh, a famous hubber and a hardcore Rahman fan had posted an agreeable comment that made sense. According to him, Rajni fans are in a culture shock and did not expect this kind of techno-songs for their thalaivar. That's what I had told in my different words. I love this album and which I listen to it everyday when I start my day. My ringtone is "Style" and my callertune is "Athiradee". But my question is,"Is Sivaji a Satisfying Rajini-Shankar -ARR album"?

If these songs had been composed for an youthful movie with an young hero in the lead, I wouldn't have complained.
"Sivaji" is definitely a great Rahman's album , but definitely not a great one for a Rajini's film.


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