Apr 20, 2007

What's wrong Raja?

Wake up Raja! We are awaiting your feast!

Cheran's recent film is publicised with Raja's photo with a slogan "Isaignani yin 31vadhu aandil". It is not an easy thing to stay that long in film music industry and that too with strong base of fans and churning out hits.But the albums of Raja in tamil in the last 2 years make us wonder if he is losing his magic.

Some common sore-points observed in Raja's recent albums:

1. Ear jarring synth stuff and poor sound recording

2. Not adhering to his forte of using manual orchestra

3. Not coming up with his style of "varna mettu" with the tune taking a roller-coaster ride

4. Having "Not-so-catchy" pallavis that too usually with pauses, that tempts the listener to hit the next track

5. Not using excellent veteran signers like S.P.B, Chitra,Janaki etc.

6. Rehashing his own past tunes

When Raja can still deliver his best compositions in malayalam movies, God only knows why is he not interested in tamil films.Raja's music to films by his favourite directors like Fazil and Balumahendra were not up to his standards.

Somewhere I read an interview by Vidhu Vinod chopra, the famous producer, director and writer. He spoke of R.D. Burman, who lost his magic in his olden years and because of the insecured feeling and being unable to cope up with contemporary music, he made further blunders and all his albums bombed.Vidhu vinod had counselled him, given his all the time and extracted the best out of him for "1942 A love story". The genius went to grave with re-discovered fame and prestige.Somehow this reminded me of the mindset Raja is in nowadays.

We are all still waiting for Raja's feast with appalam and vadai, he had promised to serve. Once in an interview in 90s he referred to his compositions so far as just pickle. And alas! nowadays, we are not even served the pickle.


RG said...

I remember reading an intresting answer to a similar question in Madan answers - I think so! HE described that any creator undergoes specific/specified stages of metamorphosis in his creation. Stage 1, he tries to establish himself by giving the best with least deviations from the rules of the chosen art; stage 2, having established experiments variations, and stage 3 is saturation where just keeps doing what he feels, that may not be appealing to all at all the time. Madhan belives that even the greatest Beethoven had this 3 stages in his short life time. I sincerely hope and pray to God that Raja is still in stage 2!!

RG said...

Pickle is usually served with curd rice??.... with pained heart

Anonymous said...

Yes i do agree with you ! does he forget his midas touch 1 im sure it happens in every1"s carrer. Last we heard his magic spell in Virumandi. I agree he should use his all time great like spb and just do few fils in his classic style ! we are waiting dear raja


Anonymous said...

Yes nobody can forget "onna vida " from virumandi. So Virumandi was the last IR album. I dont think there was any good number from him after tht. lets believe that still he's in stage 2. hope he gives us a feast soon.If not pickle atleast.


Manaswini said...

I dont know how far these stages of life do work... But if thats true then Raja should be there in Stage 2 always...
I remember Raja telling in an interview that..what all he was doing right then for films was nothing much than just reorganizing the sapthaswara's.. and the real music is yet to comeout from him and he probably cant do that in film music as film music is commercial and trying to get out the wonderfull tunes is something like sitting in the middle of a busy road and trying to meditate....
Inspite of giving such wonderfull and amazing numbers in films ..still he claims that its nothing remarkable...
So may be now he is in a stage where he got saturation and fedup with film music and he wants to deliver something similar to his Gems like.... "How to Name it"..."Nothing But Wind"..." and the list goes on..... If that is the case then probably he can start doing some Albums ( Instrumental) which will be great indeed

naarayanan said...

these comments are just the same line of thought every genuine raja fan has. in an orkut community i gave this reply. maybe u will also agree:
i said that i heard both malle poovu and dhanam. but something was missing. it is not our raja of old times. 1000 padangal panniachu. innum kaadal, sogam-nu ore madhiri situation kodutha avar enna daan pannuvaru. he needs more challenging situations. i am expecting 'naan kadavul' very much

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