Jun 7, 2007

Awaiting albums in tamil

In Shankar's "Boyz", there's a dialogue by Vivek " Udane Aappam venumnaa podalaam, aana album podarudhu avvalavu easy illai".

Likewise a private music album requires the following ingredients to become successful,
. Creative & fresh concept
. Pleasant music going by the theme
. Good lyrics
. Grand picturisation & Effective marketting

Private albums are very successful in Bollywood and new albums keep flooding the audio market there.Though there are many number of private albums in tamil too, not even one can be named a run away successful one.

Rahman's "Vande Mataram" was of course famous, thanks to the hype created by media, timely release during 50th year of Independence, Sony's marketing, Bharathbala's advt. like quick scenes and wide angle picturisations. Though the album had a few gems like "Only you", "Tauba tauba", they never made to the limelight except for the song shot at the most dry place of our country, thereby projecting a dry picture of India to the foreign audience. I still wonder how did Bharathbala chose those locations leaving out all the scenic green locations in our country.

Even Yuvan's "Blast" really went blasting inspite of best brains involved in the project such as Kamal, Sujatha, Nagoor Haneefa, Unnikrishnan etc.

Ilaiyaraja and Rajeshwar (director of Amaran, Seevalaperi paandi, Kovilpatti veeralakshmi etc. ) conceptualised an album with concept of Patriotism and proposed that all the prominent singers of the country would come together for a song. And alas! misunderstanding between Raja and Rajeshwar lead to premature cancellation of the project.

Only a few songs from private albums like "Vaalpaarai" by Malgudi Subha, "Ussele" by Srinivas were popular for a while.Various new projects of albums by A.R.Rahman and Yuvan are in the pipeline and let's see how they will turn out to be.

I wish people like Shankar, Selvaraghavan, Ameer should take up a project of Private album and only then we can expect a successful album in tamil


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