Jun 16, 2007

Satham Podathey - Audio Release

Going by the lines of the movie's title , Yuvan spoke very little and his music did all the talking.

v The veteran director K.Balachandar was brisk and active inspite of old age. KB appreciated Yuvan saying that the songs are peppy and even he felt like dancing. He said, if not for his old age, he would like to work with Yuvan for his film.

v Chennai-28 fame (Cricket commentator role) "Badavaa" Gopi compered the function and kept the audience in splits of laughter by his jokes and funny introduction of the stars

v Each song was introduced by two stars, reading the opening lines and a music director would prime the song by giving 1,2,3, 4. The stars and the music director stayed back on stage while the song was being played live, and gave their comments after the song.

v Jeeva and Priyamani were continuosly chatting on stage not at all listening to the song played, and heaped the song with praises.

v Each and every celebrity mentioned that Yuvan is their favourite music director.Guess thats what they would say about each music director during their audio releases

v Sudha Ragunathan's voice somehow sounded odd and did not fit the western style fast paced song. She said her entire family loves Yuvan's music and that's why she agreed to sing for him.

v It was good to see all the young music directors (Vijay Antony, G.V. Prakash, D.Iman, Srikanth Deva, Devi Shree Prasath) interacting with each other without any ego and appreciating Yuvan open heartedly.

v Hats off to Devi sri Prasath for spotting the talent of the drummer on the stage and appreciating him specially.

v The entire team of Chennai-28 including its director, producer were present and were hanging around the parking lot even after the function was over.

v Premgi, sporting the black "Batman" Tshirt (the same one, he wears in Jalsa song) was the centre of attraction.

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