Sep 14, 2007

Enna Kodumai sir idhu - Part III

The sky was like an overfilled urinary bladder ready to release its sphincter at any moment. Inspite of traffic jam caused by the IT (Irrational Thinkers) guys riding high on volvo buses that occupy more road space and accomodate less people, I was maneuvering back home.

It was then I saw this 83 years old or rather 83 years young guy in baggy pants. His gait clearly showed that he didn't have enough ATPs left to walk to his destination and the Vallal in me made me to apply brakes. He took nearly 1.5 minutes to get seated in my Pulsar and held my shoulders very tight as if he was getting ready to jump over my head.
With the minimal number of teeth left over in his mouth, he spoke good english and conducted a personal interview shooting me with questions, even my HR manager failed to ask while recruiting. I had travelled nearly 2 kilometres opposite to the direction of my home, just to drop him and his destination never seemed to come. Well... I kept reminding myself about the good tolerance limit I have.
At last, after making many U and O turns, he asked me to stop in front of an apartment somewhere deep in besant nagar. I felt relieved that at last now I can shed off this seniormost citizen and can start off before it rains.The oldman started delivering his vote of thanks and modestly I said that its the duty of youngster like me to help the elders. Suddenly he shot a question, which I hate when being asked, it was "Going by your name, you must be a brahmin, ain't you ?" . For the first time, I got irritated and answered that I am a human. He never got satisfied with this answer and gave me MCQs, like if I am a pillai, if I am a naidu or if I am a mudaliyar and I had to choose from them. I told him straight into eyes that I don't like people asking such questions and I never answer such questions. With unsatisfied mind, he came up with another question if I know 3D animations? While I was thinking that why would a 80+ guy would need a 3D animator?, he himself revealed that he is a great inventer in the line of Edison and has three inventions ready to be disclosed to the scientific community. I was previleged to lend my ears to them. The inventions are

1. Nothing in this world is static. Earth revolves round the moon. Moon revolves round the sun. The Sun in turn perambulates both earth and moon.

2. Using the basic principle of "Pranayama", and using gases, he has got technologies to revolutionize aviation industry and one can reach the other side of globe in minutes. He showed the parking place of flat and said that a plane can land and take off right there when it uses his technology.

3. Each and every incident in universe is being recorded, which was believed as Chitragupta's documentation in mythology. He claims that it is possible with multi-layer recording over films and they can be retrieved anytime.

Do I need to tell that, without using his 'gas technology' I flew home, without even turning back.

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