Apr 19, 2008

Save American College (from becoming a Hogwarts!)

If you were a student of “The American College”, Madurai you need no descriptions. If not, speak with any current student or alumni of the College to understand the bond and the unmistakable pride they have developed being an American collegiate. It is one unique place in Tamilnadu where the professors and students share a very casual and friendly relationship, unlike its contemporary institutions.

It’s disheartening to read about the recent happenings in the most prestigious institution. Check out the news coverage in The Hindu. No one with an intact mind would think of erecting a shopping mall and petrol bunk in the place of college’s playground.

Doesn’t the current situation of American college reminds us of the plot in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” ?- where the Ministry of Magic takes control of Hogwarts school and the headmaster Dumbledore is replaced with heartless Umbridge arbitrarily imposing strict rules and regulations and punishing those who disobey her rules. Its time to act and defend our college from the dark affairs.

Please help by spreading this message across to yours friends and peers. There is every possibility of some prime areas within the institution to be
sold off for monetary gains. To prevent this, it is time that we acted
unitedly and quickly to defeat these evil designs.

“Purificatus Non-consumptus”

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