Mar 29, 2007

Mermaid!!!!! Sighted in Malaysia

You would have seen 'Milkmaid', Ever seen a 'mermaid' ?

Forwarded mails with photos of Ghastly n' alien- looking-
"Mermaid" are doing their rounds!!!!

I never believe in whatever being sent in forwarded mails,
be it a chain mail threatening of grave consequences if broken,
or raising fund for treating kids with cancer or anything for that sake.

This "thing" was really eyecatching, by its torso resembling a human skeleton, shoved into a sleeping bag made of fish. The face looks rather odd and grotesque with fish-like eyes and teeth.
Whoever have 'made' this, should be given a pat on the back and a chance as make up man in "10 avathaaram" movie

Click here for more photos & news about this mermaid


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