May 11, 2007


There was a period in Tamil film music industry, when there was monopoly in music, with Ilaiyaraja being the sole and soul proprietor of tamil music.Things changed during the mid 90s, and we saw a huge number of young, new talents flooding in. But how many of them established themselves with a style of their own is a big question mark.

There is a phrase in English called “Soda water effervescence “! When you pop-open a soda bottle, there will be brisk, fizzy effervescence, which will subside after some time.

Following is the list of such music directors...

Dharan - Scored music for K.Bhagyaraj's home production "Paarijaatham" and stole young hearts with "Unnai kandene" song. No news about his current projects

Sundar C Babu - Chithiram pesudhadi's "Vaala meenu" was the ringtone and callertune of most of mobiles in tamil nadu in 2006. But no news of whereabouts of Sundar C. Babu now.

Bharani - "Janaranjagam" is his style. His songs of "Paarvai ondre podhumae " had good reach and were played in tea shops and mini buses all over tamil nadu.

Joshua Sridhar - With super hit songs of "Kaadhal" he shot to stardom overnight. But proved to be an one film wonder in his subsequent projects.

Suresh Peters - He tried his hand in composing with P.Vasu's "Coolie" and went on hibernation. He was back with a bang in "Thenkasi pattinam". But again, no news about him composing for tamil films

The following MDs were in the TFM, even when Raja was in peak. And they are also no where to be seen nowadays

V.S. Narasimman - He has got one hell of a talent in music. Most of them would mistake his songs to be composed by Raja. "Thanneer thanneer","Paasamalargal" are some of the movies he scored music for.

Maragadhamani- Maragadhamani alias Keeravaani alias M.M.Kreem is one music director with lots of capabilities and talent in composing. He is still a famous music director in Tollywood and has given hits in Bollywood too. K.Balachandar brought him to tamil, when Raja refused to work with him. But he is no more seen in tamil movies...

Chandrabose- AVM's favourite music director with good, notable hits including Rajini's film songs to his credit. But he is seen in small roles in teleserials nowadays.

Shankar-Ganesh - Its still a mystery why someone sent a bomb through post to him. He speaks a lot than he composes. He is back with a film "Mazhaithuli mazhaithuli". The CDs were distributed to all the houses in Velachery area last week to promote the songs (or because no one bought them??!!). The CD cover had the following tag line " Ilaingargalukku oru isai tsunami" :-)

Lack of opportunity,lack of originality,lack of commitment and many more would have been the reasons. Wishing them all good luck is what we can do now.


jessica said...


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Sriram said...

Nice Analysis.

Vignesh said...

Thanks Sriram :-)

Suresh Kumar said...


nice blog, I was thinking of writing on Unsung female singers....anyway you missed a very imp composer, Ramesh Vinayakam, a very very talented composer who either didn't get enough chance or he didn't utilise the few opportunities he got and other one is 'Srinivas (the singer)', he composed music for one song in 'Hey nee romba Azhagha irrukkae' and the composer duo Sriram-Parasuram who composed music for '5 star' ....and the list goes on... will try to write to post myself abt this

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