Jun 4, 2007


வெளியே தலை காட்ட முடியல

With the Agni natchatra Sun boiling the Whatsoever contents of the head, wearing helmet to work is like being grilled in an oven or a rehearsal for the punishments in Hell.

Now we get the drift of how a chicken would feel while going "Merry-go-round" in a microwave.

Though I am not a helmet dealer, I appreciate the bold and necessary step of Government in implementing the rule of compulsory helmets, considering the Safety factor. Considering the Sales factor, the helmet sellers are more than happy and here is where the concern of false "ISI" brands and the hike in price rises.

Saree clad pillion riders perching in traditional Indian position with helmets looks a bit weird. This position causes banging of helmets of the rider and pillion rider whenever sudden brake is applied and is definitely a funny scene to watch.


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