Jun 12, 2007

The Grudge

How many of you reading this have watched the horror flick "Grudge" ? The film has the common ingredients of a typical horror movie with a plot of people moving into a 'haunted house' and its after effects. There are very few sightings of the ghost actually and the ghost doesn't look grotesque and frightening too. Still the movie is sure too shake the nerves out of you. The eeriee feeling stays along even after watching the movie leading to auto-generation of apparitions. That's the success of this particular horror movie that wakes up the dormant fears of your childhood.

One fine no moon night, I went back to sleep after watching the second part of Grudge...
Image of Maida-white creature with long black hair kept flashing in my mind, even with my eyes wide shut. Though I am used to sleep alone, suddenly I felt very much alone and the distant chorus of stray dogs barking kept me awake.

It was exactly 12 O clock and I repented for checking the time at that odd situation.
Suddenly the dogs' chorus had stopped and all I could hear was my heart thumping against ribcage and my breathing. Wait. wait.... I can hear another breathing sound along with mine....
I began to break a sweat. Even when I try to hold my breath and listen, I can listen to a wheezing type of breathing sound.

Human brain is an irritating "Search Engine" that brings back memories exactly when not intended. I was reminded of the scene in Grudge where the actress feels the presence of something in that house and she hears a "breathing noise".

I made a complete research looking for the source of the sound, but all in vain. I didn't sleep a minute that night and the next day I looked like having an after-party-hangover with drooping eyelids. I sought for my friend's advice and that silly stinker had blew up the fear in me rather than helping me to overcome it.

The night had come and I braced myself awaiting the glimpse of the you-know-who. Unknowingly I fell asleep, and woke up with a start, thanks to a grotesque night mare show my brain had screened specially for me. The time was exactly 12 and of course I could hear the breathing sound and I had to turn on the music system to mask that sound. Then only it dawned on me that, I had left my bike in the road itself and I had to park it inside.

Gathering all my available guts, I went outside and what I saw, almost froze my breath.
A stray dog had come inside and had developed the habit of sleeping on the slab of my bedroom's window. I couldn't see it from house through the netlon. That stupid wheezing canine would never have forgotten the fright I gave it while shooing it away.

Well... Its my Grudge....


Anonymous said...

Wow... amazingly portrayed Vignesh... I just felt like seeing the movie alone in the midnight to get the same feeling :-)...

Vignesh said...

Thanks... :-)

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