May 3, 2008

Na.Muthukumar's Repeat...

Na.Muthukumar is one of the promising lyricists in the field and has all the potential to overtake all his contemporaries with his stylish writings. Especially, he comes out with his best for Selvaragavan-Yuvan combination (which we are going to miss in the forthcoming project of Selvaragavan.) Just as some of our music directors reusing their own tunes , Na.Muthukumar has a tendency to repeat his own wordings. Still standing on the early rungs of his career ladder, Muthukumar should avoid this rehashes of his own songs.

Check out the following audio clips...

Re-use of the same concept of "Buddha falling in love and playing swing on Bodhi tree"


Same set of words repeated to describe the personality change brought about by lady love in Gajini & Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Gajini YNM.mp3

Ditto lines of motivation in Something something unakkum enakkum & Satham Podathey

Pesugiren Unakkum....

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Vinith said...

yes vignesh. he uses the same lyrics often thinkg that we dont notice.

let me tel one good "repeat" which i have come across.

kreedom-akkam pakkam- "unnal indru penn agave pirandhadhan arthangal arindhu konded"

vazhthugal - endhan vanamum - "unnal indru penn aanathan artham purindhadhe"

haiyo haiyo!!!

kumar.s.r said...

hi vignesh ,

Engaalu Ullangal Ellaame Vairangal.....R E P E A T U .

how would you describe na.muthukumar's (re)writing ?


Ram said...

hi Kumar,

I would say 'Karpanai panjam'

Giridharan R said...

absolutely paavam.

The directors, the music directors & ofcourse the listeners.

Probably, the producers should give only xerox copy of the cash/cheque.

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