Jun 21, 2007

Wake up Indiaglitz !

Dhinathanthi is one generous daily, that appreciates each and every movie that hits the theatres. Their movie reviews will be real funny with all the superlatives for undeserving films. Indiaglitz follows the Dhinathanthi's trail and their music reviews are really comical. If you go by Indiaglitz's Music review, every album getting released is a musical hit and they heap all praises over each and every album.

Reading the Music Review of "Satham Podathey", I really wonder if these guys really listen to the songs and come up with a review or by looking at the list of songs on CD cover, they write a generalised writeup based on their assumptions....

The first song of "Satham Podathey" album 'Azhagu kutti chellam' is a sweet melodious song set in a situation where the hero spends a day babysitting. Na.Muthukumar has come out with beautiful and meaningful lyrics, with poetical description of all that are associated with a baby.

Following is the excerpt from Indiaglitz's Music review of "Satham Podathey"

"Azhagu Kutti Chellam (Shankar Mahadevan)

With Shankar Mahadevan around, there is no dearth for energy in the song. A romantic number, where the hero describes his love for a girl, is very catchy."

Enna kodumai sir idhu? And the irony is, Indiaglitz is the official media partner of "Satham Podathey"

Kudos to the Indiaglitz's policy of employing "Hearing impaired" people to write music reviews! :-)

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Rose said...

This article is really good! Haven't had a chance to listen Satham Podathey but I would after reading this and would probably write a good review on my site too!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Mallu and my understanding of Tamil is not that great. Still, I was wondering about that Indiaglitz review. Padmapriya is anything but Ammu, Bommu/Pinju etc.Thanks for clarifying that!

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