Feb 26, 2008

Destination Lima

Been to Lima, Peru on an official trip a few days ago...
Being a tropical country, the weather was same as ours and Peru has got a share of both European and American influences.

. The moment my KLM flight landed on Lima Airport's runway, everyone gave a 'seat-belted' ovation. I began wondering, if such a safe landing is a thing to appreciate there????!!!!!

2. In Peru, about 99.7% speak Spanish. My belief that knowing English, you can go around the globe and conquer it, got shattered and I felt like an illiterate guy. My previous acquaintance with Spanish had been in instruction manuals where there is usually a Espanol version .

3. Survival is not easy for chlorophyll consumers, because its (m)eat or starve!!!

4. People are so friendly and good-mannered. They utter "Gracias" meaning 'thanks' , even when you thank them.

5. I tried and just loved "Ceviche" - a famous Peruvian food - made by marinating raw fish in lime juice and served with chopped onion and chilly.

6. Lima has mass transit buses just like our city buses. Unlike ours, the boards with destinations are carried by the conductor, who lobbies people showing the board.

7. It almost or never rains in Lima, which is good for a place with many centuries old Inca monuments still standing.

8. The taxi drivers always listen to music with volumes high enough to drive a hole in tymphanic membrane. Most of the songs remind you of those in Sundar C's movies with Sirpi's music.

9. I loved "Inca-Cola" - a golden yellow coloured carbonated drink, the famous national soft drink, which still gives a tough time to Coca cola and Pepsi .

10. The keys and functions in computer keyboards are different there and you need 3 keystrokes to type "@" (Alt+6+4)


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