Mar 5, 2008

Enna Kodumai Sir idhu Part IV

Express it Strong & Loud!!!!!

Right from coffee to advises or warnings, our folks prefer it to be strong. But by the obnoxious stench of ammonia, I doubt if anyone minded this sign.

Don't panic!!!!!

This scary sign was posted near the operation theatre of a famous Neurospeciality hospital in Chennai. It refers to the visiting hours of an anesthesiologist and not to a thug who drugs people and kidnap them

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Make the Impossible...Possible said...

Hi ,
I liked all your "enna kodumai Sir idhu" series...

Vignesh said...

Thanks for your compliment. :-)

SRamesh said...

Very nice. To use it else where request your permission

Vignesh said...

Thanks SRamesh.
Of course, you can use it with due credits/acknowledgment.

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