Apr 8, 2008

Yaaradi Nee Mohini - Review

With younger brother Dhanush in lead role, elder brother Selvaragavan's story and screenplay and produced by their sister Dr.Vimala geetha - Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a 100% family subject.

Its high time Dhanush woke up and look for different roles, as we are getting tired of seeing Dhanush in this "Good-for-nothing" youth who suddenly comes up in life role. Nayanthara has graced the movie with her alluring screen presence, though in a few scenes she looks a bit elder to Dhanush. Raghuvaran, though has not much scope to perform, has given his best and makes us feel for his sudden demise.

The plot is not new to tamil cinema but Selva has given excellent treatment to the script and presented with style.

The songs have been picturised with good efforts and taste. Young audiences are sure to end up with sprain in neck, thanks to Ragasiya’s pelvic grind in the “Oh Baby” song. Cinematography is flawless in both urban and the rural locale except for the blue-screen backgrounds, supposed to be shot in Australia, which being very much conspicuous, is a great let down.

Yuvan's background score backs up the movie and the songs glue the audience to seats. D.Imman has duly spoiled the remix of yesteryear classic from “Vietnam veedu” with jarring noises. Canning the movie has been a cakewalk for Mitran Jawahar having the support from his mentor Selvaragavan and strong technical crew.

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