Apr 8, 2008

Salute RPF

Happened to travel in Pandyan express from Madurai to Chennai. Memories of "Fire in bhogi" during my last trip to madurai, kept haunting and held my sleep at bay. While I was dropping into the void between wakefulness and sleep,
a Policeman woke me up and handed me a bit of paper. I woke up with a start, wondering what did I do to get a ticket / fine.

In a gentle tone, the policeman greeted me and handed over a piece of paper with information about his name, grade and cell number. He informed that he is assigned for the particular coach and in case of any emergencies, he can be reached at any time.

On reaching chennai, I remembered the above incident vaguely and the printed slip in my pocket proved that I had not been dreaming...

Hhmmm.. Keep up the good work.. Southern Railways

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