Mar 31, 2008

Omni(present) buses

Information technology has seen a collosal growth in the recent years and has successfully shrunk the whole world. With a click of mouse, information reaches the other end of globe, the next second. Thanks to IT.
But, reaching a destination as near as 5 KM by car or bike, in cities like Chennai and Bangalore is a herculean task nowadays. Thanks to IT.

Lets take a closer look at our 'Singaara' chennai Our Government realised very late that the Omni buses to and from Parrys are the main culprits in choking the chennai city traffic.So they were destined to the new Omni bus stand at Koyambedu and were not supposed to enter city limits.

As usual, "IT revolutionized" this and they started hiring omni buses for their 'poor' staff to commute. Carrying a meagre 40 to 50 passengers, just imagine the space an omni bus would occupy on the slender roads of chennai and since it is difficult to maneuver around sharp turns in narrow roads of chennai , it usually builds up snaking lines of traffic behind.

  • Of course the IT people have got all the rights to enjoy the luxury provided by their employer.But for the sake of this particular percentage of population, do other chennai dwellers have to suffer?
  • Can't Government ban the entry of Omni buses into arterial roads of chennai or within city limits ?
  • Why don't the IT employers arrange for chartered trips with TNSTC buses?

Who's spoiling my city?

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