May 28, 2007

Dog's Life!

This country is definitely going to the dogs.

With the Globalisation and flooding of BPOs, KPOs and by brain drain, we are losing our valuable culture. Unknowingly we are being dragged into a whirlpool of a hell of changes in lifestyle and culture.

Closely looking at the changes in our life style, we can find the similarities with that of dogs.

Dogs say: Are we the only one to have fast food (stand & dine)?

Are we the only one to wear tags?

Are we the only one to work night shifts?

Are we the only one to piss in public?

மொத்தத்தில நாய்ப் பொழப்புங்க!

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Anonymous said...

Gud one dude,

as for pi**ing in public, you might be pleased to hear that it's in fact a global phenomenon - the only differnece being that in western countries it's normally the result of a drunken night out.

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