May 26, 2007


CheeniKum music is declared Superhit, with the melodies in mesmerising Shreya's voice being the most requested songs in FM and music sites. Old classics do sound great in the new packaging and Balki has shown his advertising expertise by his extensive marketing. But from the music fan's point of view, Cheeni kum songs are a slight disappointment since we are treated with the songs we had already umpteen number of times.

At least Ram Gopal Varma's 'Shiva' had two new compositions by Raja along with other rehashes of his old tunes. Most of the fans felt that newly composed 'Dheemi Dheemi' of Shiva sounds fresh and contemporary than the reused tunes.

Its not convincing to hear the filmmakers say that the North Indians have missed those Raja's classics and that is the reason, why those songs are re-used in recent films.
Raja is still in form and can come out with hundreds of such songs in no matter of time. Offers to compose new songs for such big projects will be a good challenge for Raja to unleash his hitherto dormant magic.

When it comes to Bollywood, even Rahman is forced to recycle his tunes from tamil and viceversa. Even for his "Vande Mataram",he had re-used "Karuthamma"'s 'Poraale Ponnuthaayee'.We can understand about the time constraints, love for a particular song, director's request etc. But instead of recycling the tunes, we fans would love to lend ears to original and fresh compositions. Will the music directors lend their ears?

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