May 29, 2007

Premgi - Talent personified !!!???

.Keyboard player

- definitely a multi-faceted personality he is.

The box office results , positive reviews and responses for Chennai-28 would have been different if not for the background score and comedy by Premgi.

He has come out with effective background score blending with the movie's theme and the bit songs and rap parts are really enjoyable. Especially,listen to the melancholic bit song played in the background when the "Raghu" character cries in the toilet of his new house.

"Enna kodumai sir idhu" comedy is a hit among pedos to geros. The background music played just before he says "Enna kodumai" adds to the effect. (Listen to it here)

Hats off to Venkat Prabhu for not giving extra importance or heroism to his kid brother. Premgi fits to a T for the role of a provision store owner and by his dialogue delivery and body language evokes laughter easily. Being a Jack of all trades, a bright future awaits Premgi for sure and we can expect a lot from him.

Right now, Premgi is composing music for "Nallathor veenai seithe", a project under production and I am sure his music will be good and not let the producer feel like the film's title!!!:-)

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Anonymous said...

Enna kodumai sir idhu <-- is lifted from Chandramukhi , where Prabhu will say this dialogue. then go for lollu sabha and now Chennai 60028...

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