May 29, 2007

Shocking Pen - Mad(e) in China

Except for new born children, all other new products in India come with "Made in China" stickers nowadays. From electric appliances to electronic gadgets to cooking utensils to toys, everywhere seems to be China market's Omnipresent invasion and intrusion.

While shopping for a Laser light for "Writing with light", accidentally found a Pen that can write and give an electric shock too.
We would have heard about Visu's "samsaaram adhu minsaaram", but how come Pen can give a shock?
For such an unexpecting, innocent and unarmed person, the pen gave one hell of a shock and it was embarassing to give a MJ dance movement caused by the reflex jerk, in front of some "XX" chromosomes in Jeans.

For 20 bucks, you get a ball point pen that projects out when the base is twisted and one would get the shock of his life, when you press the button on the rear end of pen as if using an ordinary pen.

What else is needed for a prank-loving-creature like me? The whole next day was fun, with the sadist in me enjoying my colleagues ' jerk reflex action while trying to pick-pocket the pen.

I was flaunting the pen proudly in my shirt pocket until one fine morning when I had to bend down to tie my shoe laces...

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