May 27, 2008

Now Showing @ Sathyam Cinemas

Watching movies in theatres is definitely an enjoyable experience, but for answering the nature's call in the toilets there. Thinking of visiting loo during cinema hall intermission, you are sure to be flooded with memories of the nauseating stench of pungent ammonia odour cocktailed with cigarette smoke.

One among the reasons I love Sathyam Cinemas is their "No Smoking" policy within the entire campus and their well maintained (thats an understatement) toilets.
In Satyam, not only while you empty your wallet, you are sure to be entertained even as you empty your urinary bladder. Yes, they have installed LCD monitors playing slideshows above each and every urinal. The slideshows usually include the movies currently running. So, naturally they come with the big caption, " NOW SHOWING".

It was well-timed, when my friend stared at the monitor while urinating and commented , "Yeah, Now Showing" .


Vijay said...

By the way, who's ur dirty friend?!?!?!

Vignesh said...

Ask ur mirror

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