Jun 18, 2008

Dasaavathaaram Review

Keeping the comedy flicks aside, commercial success in action packed masala genre has always been eluding Kamal, with "Aalavandhaan" being his worst nightmare. Dasaavathaaram has come out as a clean entertainer for all age groups and classes. Be it a novel or a film script, a plot of a hunted and hunter will be easily lapped up by the audience since the cat-and-mouse game grabs attention and keeps the audience in seat edges. Kamal is shrewd enough to have come up with such a script that travels through various forms of transport across the globe.

Mallika Sherawat has been roped in to woo the North Indian audience and apart from an item number and a few cold-blooded murders, she has nothing to offer. It is surprising that with Mallika in the cast, Kamal has refrained from intimate scenes and got a U certificate. While 10 Kamals have a lion's share of the movie, Asin still manages to steal the show with her charm. The tall Muslim, 95 years old lady and Japanase character portrayed by Kamal, stick out as a sore thumb as they are forcefully included in the script. The ‘Balaram Naidu’ character with telugu accent and typical mannerisms is a top class performance by Kamal. The American Fletcher character’s body language is awesome and Kamal could have borrowed a foot height from the Khalifulla character to look more American. No virus in the likes of Ebola and Marburg can be disinfected with just NaCl and a virus cannot be visualised by a binocular like device, that too from a howering helicopter as 'Balram naidu' does.

Dialogues with Kamal's intelligent and philosophical touch especially his atheistic arguments are worth mentioning, though a few intended comical lines do not evoke any laughter even from the front bench. Mediocre songs are saved by the situations and creative picturisation. Background score could have been better for this prestigious project. Considering the multiple roles, there is no need to explain the hardship cinematographer Ravivarman would have had. His hard work has paid off extremely well barring a few scenes. Going by the credits, many animation studios have shared CG works and the results are not impressive. We still have to go a long way to compete with Hollywood style animations.

Kudos to Kamal for the unrelenting efforts in pulling through this mega project single-handedly.

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Anonymous said...

Am a die hard kamal fan and cannot quite just say that the movie was a total disappointment. But thats the fact.

You forgot to mention the environmentalist's role. Kamal had stood apart on that role in terms of body language and presentation.

Other role to mention was the CID. The rest of the roles had no real purpose in the movie and could not see any facial expressions!! which is what the World Hero is known for!!! George bush make up can be recomended for a fancy dress winner cup.

The animations as u said were mediocre any not at all comparable with hollywood.

Can watch the moviec ones


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