Jun 9, 2008

Its my 100th

Happy that this is my 100th post and I thank all the visitors to my blog for all the support and encouragement.

Since, Many of my friends and even myself noted that 'Grey matter matters' is knee deep into music, films and other commercial elements , I had an urge to start a blog dedicated to Science and to be exact, " Microbiology", my cup of tea.

So, I flagged off the new blog "Invisible Yet Invincible", with support from my colleague Mr.Sekar. It will have regular updates on scientific breakthroughs, Minireviews, Upcoming Scientific events and Job vacancy alerts.

If you are a Life Science person or by any chance, interested in the world of microbes, pay a visit and bookmark it.

With a bunch of interesting audio releases ahead this month, Grey Matter Matters will continue to enthrall you ... :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Vigneshram and keep going, my wishes to you


Vignesh said...

Thanks Maverick

kumar.s.r said...

micro(music)vignesh ,
Best Wishes & Keep going.
Expecting more from you .

Anonymous said...

Yaar indha 'Maaverick'kiravan ?

Vignesh said...

Thanks Kumar

VICKYFF said...

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