Aug 15, 2008

Is Saroja = Judgement Night ?

Tipped off by one of fellow hubbers, downloaded & watched a hollywood movie "Judgement Night" (1993) directed by stephen hopkins.

The plot is about four friends going on a road trip for a boxing match in chicago. To bypass blocked traffic in the highway they take a detour through a shortcut way and get lost. Accidentally they hit a guy who's already with a gunshot wound and encountered by a badguys gang who kill that guy and decide to finish off the 4 friends for being the witnesses. How the four ordinary peple face this extraordinary situation is the rest of film.

Now, use the Control+F or Find option in ur browser and replace "Chicago" with "Hyderabad", "Boxing" with "Cricket" and you get the plot of Saroja.

Of course, Venkat Prabhu would have worked up on this script to accomodate some songs, sentiments, comedy, salt, pepper and cooked up a masala flick.
But what's nagging me is, just to keep up the Chennai-28's success, does he have to stoop so low by freemaking a hollywood flick?

Lets wait for the official release of the movie to know how exactly he has given unique treatment to the script so as not to look like a cheap imitation of english movie.... and reserve our Judgement (night)!

Find more info on the Judgement Night movie in Wiki, here...
Get the Rapidshare links to download the Movie here...
BTW, "Judgement Night" is one hell of a movie that is sure to keep u in edge of seats and not to be missed...
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Prakash Srinivasan said...

Looks like Saroja is inspired by Judgement Night with minor tweaks to the original, going by the story!

Pranathi Srinivasan said...

It is ok to get inspiration and improvise on a plot,if you have run out of ideas! but why dont they acknowledge the same openly? or have they done it?

Vignesh said...

Exactly, Venkat Prabhu has improvised the script, just retaining the basic plot.
But Alas, original is not acknowledged !

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