Apr 22, 2010


Bringing a child into this world and then raising him or her demands a lot of time, energy and sacrifices. Though each and every micro second of fatherhood is enjoyable and each moment  cherish-able, I am sure most of young fathers will more than agree to the following common traits of fatherhood:

  • You catch up with your forgotten reading habit, with the moth-eaten magazines in Paediatrician's waiting room
  • You may be sleep deprived, thanks to your nocturnal kid, but you get new friends like your street's Goorkha  and callcentre employee neighbour
  • Your patience often gets confronted with tough tests and eventually you become a saadhu or 'Sethu'. 
  • Your baby's antics end up with family oldies digging up the most embarrassing moments of your childhood 
  • Your official papers are either torn or wet, relieving you from the stress of work at home
  • You  get priority seating in buses  and are allowed to board aircrafts first
  • Your MP3 playlist is replaced by nursery rhymes and DVD collection filled with Pixar & Disney flicks
  • Your wife and baby have a special language and your vocabulary being zero
  • You start watching Thomas the cat running after Jerry
  • You find Johnson & Johnson encroaching your dressing table 
  • Your love for your mobile phone wanes after it gets smeared with baby food and used as teether


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