Aug 28, 2006

Loneliness Sucks! A poem

“My solutide got intensified , when NY city was sleeping
and snizzle covered too;
Getting down from the ship, the wind walked ashore
Within the four glass walls, just myself and the candle
Loneliness loneliness… a torture torture…

You are not here to make me sleep by your lullaby-like syllables
You are not here to kiss me daily and offer morninig coffee
You are not here to pick out the dust in my eyes using ur tongue
You are not here to solve confusions that arise in my mind

I am here and you are there;And why is that, minutes become years in loneliness?
Sky is here and earth is thereand why do we two became the meaning for this similie?
My pen writes your name a hundred times in my diary
and immediately ants swarm around as if it’s honey
Though the weather is chill,why this moment became a hot summer for me?
Come on my dear, if you are here, even hot flame will become ice…

Kavignar Vaali will sue me if I claimed this as my poem.
This is my awful translation of the beautiful “Newyork nagaram” song from “Sillunu oru kaadhal”


Naren said...

just saw your entry .. the lines were so amazing that theydidnt even get lost in translation. very nice try. although one of the lines should go like this i think "sky is here and blue is there"

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