May 17, 2007

Unnaale Unnaale Mr.Jeeva

Jeeva, the cinematographer turned director, is back with his third project, "Unnaale unnaale". Backed up by a strong banner(Oscar films) and producer, he has taken a risk of casting a debutant in lead role and shooting the film at Australia. Vinay is strikingly handsome enough for the chicks to drool and imitates Maddy at places. The flashback scenes of Vinay meeting Sadha strongly reminds of Alaipayuthe.

Tanisha, a good pick for the role of a freak-out kinda tom boy character.

In one line, the take home message of this movie is "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". Never try to tame a guy and learn to accept his style of living.

Harris Jeyaraj, is the saviour of the movie with the songs already a rage among youngsters. Though he has cleverly Xerox copied the tunes from here and there, the songs are great strength to the movie. Dialogues by Ramakrishnan and Jeeva's Cinematography are excellent. But alas, the way of story telling and the screen play lacks mature handling and the only matured aspect of the movie is Sadha, looking matured and could have played the sister role for hero.

It is as if watching an eye-catching advertisement film that runs on for 2.5 hours and is definitely tiresome that you begin to long for a remote control with skip button.

My choice was a different flick and this one was my better half's choice.All I could do was to point my finger at her "Unnaale unnaale" while exiting the theatre with head ache.

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Sriram said...

"Never try to tame a guy and learn to accept his style of living." - If only all girls accept your advice...

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