May 21, 2008

"Hey Ram" - Revisited

"Hey Ram" is one of the best movies made so far in India and is two decades ahead of its time of making. My hunt for a decent DVD of "Hey Ram", ended yesterday in madurai.

When I read somewhere that Kamal refused to release or handover the rights to soundtrack of the movie, being too possessive over the top notch background score Raja had exclusively crafted for him, I decided to rip the BGMs myself.

The film deserves an award for each and every department right from casting, script, direction, art direction, cinematography, costumes, choreography to music.

When geniuses collaborate, the effect is something beyond description by words and many scenes conceived by Kamal and elevated to new heights by Raja, gave me goosebumps.
I have uploaded one such scene from the movie ...

ஒரு பானை சோற்றுக்கு ஒரு சோறு பதம்

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K said...

where did u get the dvd, i could get hindi version of the dvd on moserbare,if u have tamil version please give me the details of the company and price.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you mate, simply the best


Vignesh said...


Got the DVD for Rs.30 in a shop near "College House" Hotel (Town hall road) in Madurai. It came with the combination of "Pesum padam". :-)

New kamal on the block ;) said...

Wut to say?


~~Raaja rules

vineshkumar said...

Nice article

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