Dec 23, 2008

Korean Mobiles - Quit India !

Phew atlast ! the nail-on-board sounding Korean mobile phones are soon to be laid to rest in peace ! A hot Caffè espresso to Indian Government on me, for waking up at last, atleast in the wake of terror incidents in Mumbai.
It is shocking to know that multitudinous figure of more than 1.6 crores of Korean handset are in use in India alone and their sales constitute about 13.3 per cent (or Rs 4,000 crore) of the Rs 30,000-crore annual mobile handset market in the country. For those who think in the way of "Brand nahi tho Style nahi" and do not know of their existence, these handsets come with all features of high end branded mobiles, but without guarantee and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity ). While there is no problem with them being sold with nil guarantee, handsets without IMEI pose a serious threat to national security. A genuine IMEI number is registered with a GSM service provider and it facilitates blocking, monitoring and tracing. The terrorists use handsets without IMEI number or one with fake IMEI in order to avoid being caught. The Department of Telecom (DoT) will be instructing telecos to bar calls originating from phones which do not have an IMEI number or have zero as their IMEI number.
I wonder about the possible ways, a currently used Korean mobiles could be put to use. FM radio ? MP3 player ? Phone book ? Toy ? ... A better option would be to dispose it of, in an eco-friendly manner and say a silent prayer.
But , not to forget that , some newer generation junkies do come with fake IMEI numbers and softwares to change IMEI numbers are freely available on net.

P.S: Want to know if you are using a genuine mobile ?
You can retrieve your mobile's IMEI by entering *#06#
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