Dec 17, 2008

Enna Kodumai Sir idhu - Part V

Straining to get an eye-contact with the grocery shop owner, across sachets of shampoos, chips and what-not, I waited with patience of mother Earth. The shop owner catered to the customers in his unique style of 'First come, last served' basis.
Cursing under breath, I diverted my attention by looking at kids eagerly munching the junkies in air-filled packs which were non-existent during my school days.

Suddenly, a loud, eerie and irritating ringtone shattered the air. Even the shop owner was about to drop an egg, he was packing. My curse now was diverted to Korea and China for flooding India's market with cheaper mobiles with displays and features competing with N series and W series. However, their sound is what I detest. Having speakers all round, they bring back memories of huge conical speakers we saw last in "Subramaniyapuram".

Ringtone kept playing and nobody seemed to feel their pockets. I passed my gaze over the waiting customers, weighing as who would be the probable deafened owner of that wretched mobile. A teen-age girl was already busy asking her boy-friend, what he had for his breakfast for the fourth time. A housewife was standing as if on fire, with worried look on her face, with a countdown and a long list of household chores to be done. An old man and a vagabond were in my list of suspects whose mobile must have been ringing. I thought, the old guy must have had his tymphanic membrane torn long back or the vagabond must have found this cheap mobile lost or left on road.
It kept ringing and going by the music, I could sense that it is a typical African jungle based music genre and could visualise a black in tiger hide and painted face singing this awful tone.

By the way, why the teen-age girl, housewife, oldman and the vagabond are giving me this look ? The old guy is not deaf, he closed his ears with one hand and with other hand, signed me to pick up my phone. Holy S#$t! Blame it on my HTC touchscreen mobile and my nephew meddling with it. Much to my embarassment, It seemed to have downloaded a bizarre ringtone by itself and had played it at an unexpected moment.

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Anonymous said...

I been thru the same exact thing with my iphone!!! :) my niece fidgeting with embarassing aint it?


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