Nov 27, 2009

Take Off - Short story

With its tail gleaming in the early morning sun, the mighty aluminium bird was flying over the bay of bengal. The captains's voice crackled over the PA system informing the crew to get ready for its descent. With the landing gear engaged, the constant drone of engine shifted to deafening thunderous roar. Raju woke up with a start, and murmured sleepily, "Can't they fix a silencer to these engines?". Though well used to them, aeroplanes never cease to amaze Raju.

Despite heavy eyelids and unyielding muscles, he sat upright and looked out of the window. Chennai looked beautiful enclosed in a shroud of smog, typical of a December morning. With slight squinting, he could see the already busy traffic bee lining the GST road and the airport terminal buildings.

As the flight nosed down and taxied to the terminal gate, Raju was shaken by his brother's blow to his head ordering him to get off the terrace, repair his cycle and head to distribute newspapers.

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jayakumar palanisamy said...

Good post.

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