Apr 28, 2008

Dasaavathaaram Music Review

After the long wait, finally the music album of Dasaavathaaram’s music has been released with great pomp and show. Jackie chan flew in to Chennai and the event was graced with other big shots of the industry like Big B and Mamootty. With A.R.Rahman backing out due to lack of dates or for whatsoever reasons, the opportunity fell in hands of Himesh Reshammiya, the then sensation in Bollywood. There has always been a lot of harsh criticisms for Himesh’s music, though most of his albums were instant hits. Himesh’s debut album in tamil “Bommalaattam” gave creeps to Kamal fans.

Let us see what’s in offering from Himesh for Dasaavathaaram…

“Kallai Mattum Kandaal” – Supposed to be shot during the era of serious tussle between the disciples of Shiva and Vishnu. The song pops up when Vishnu follower Kamal is executed by the king, who orders the statue of Lord Vishnu to be thrown in sea along with Kamal. Writing in praise of Vaishnavism has been a piece of cake for Vaali and he excels in this song with his clever choice of words. There are cryptic meanings as well, such as bringing in the names of Kamal’s real life parents in the lines

“ராஜலக்ஷ்மி நாயகன் ஸ்ரீநிவாசன் தான்
ஸ்ரீநிவாசன் சேய் இந்த விஷ்ணு தாசன் நான்"

Hariharan has given his best to bring in the emotions, the song deserves and with all the chantings, the song is a real treat. Though not appropriate to the period and tamil culture the tune is catchy and instantly likeable. But its shocking to know that it is a straight rip from a Malayalam song (find it here).

There is nothing more to write about the “Ka Karuppanukkum” and “Ulaga nayagane” and the “Skip” button can very well be used. “ Oh Oh Sanam” – the song to be picturised on the Sikh character Kamal has a cute and addictive tune. Kamal’s vocals and Vairamuthu’s lyrics add magic to the song. Set in the typical Himesh’s style, this song will steal the hearts of North Indians for sure. There is also a remix version of this song by Himesh which again calls for the “Skip” option.

“Mugunthaa Mugunthaa” – Once again Vaali impresses with his beautiful descriptions of the ten avatars of lord Vishnu. Being sung by Sadhana Sargam, it has got a passing resemblance with “Konjum Mainaakale” at some places. Looking at the CD inlay details giving credit to Sadhana and Kamal for this song and when the listener starts wondering, Kamal startles everyone by singing in voice of a old lady.

A lot more depends on the appropriate and grandeur picturisation of the songs. Box office status of the movie will also significant in deciding the fate of songs.

Himesh has not disappointed as in Bommalaattam, but could have avoided the lift in “Kallai mattum” and the whole album could have been less noisy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, your review is good .
I am not worried about songs but can this idiot Himesh Reshmiyya do the background score to our expectation . There were so many stalwarts in Tamil like Harris Jairaj , Yuvanshankaraja , Vidyasagar , Karthikraja . Why did K.S.Ravikumar take such a decision ? A great disappointment to Kamal fans.

Dr Vignesh Ram said...

Thanks Kumar.
BTW, Dasaa's Background score is by Devi Sri Prasad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ram ,
That's great .DeviSri Prasad is a good composer.He has won three Filmfare awards consecutively.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ram ,
That's great .DeviSri Prasad is a good composer.He has won three Filmfare awards consecutively.


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