Apr 24, 2009

Enna Kodumai Sir Idhu - Part VI

Due to some God-only-know reasons, some things in life cannot be shrugged off and keep following and haunting us all along. The list goes on like previous birth karma, memories of puppy love?!!, ailments inherited from forefathers and so on . One of my childhood friends is an entree in my haunt list because, right from 'subramaniapuram' dates, wherever I go , I end up with him in proximity and alas! he now lives in my adjacent apartment in ground floor.

On an ordinary sunny morning, my wife brought me a pretty ordinary cup of coffee that was about to spill as she was stifling a burst of laughter trying hard not to ROTFL. She hushed me and took me to the kitchen window (located next to my friend's apartment bathroom ventilator). My friend living next door was doing an A.R.Rahman with gastritis, and was straining his vocal cords at the volume maxima of his lung. I have heard of bathroom singers, but this guy was singing to the whole apartment complex.

Suddenly I got an idea of recording his croon and share the mp3 among our friends' group. At least it would scare away pests in their home. Equipped with my Mobile's voice recorder, I ran to the alley reaching his bathroom's ventilator. As I raised my mobile to the ventilator to receive as much sound quality as it can, a geriatric from the next building's terrace was looking at me with disapproval and hate brimming in his eyes. I slapped my forehead for the image of a cheap paparazzi I painted myself with and sneaked back home before he called the cyber crime division, as if I had video graphed Trisha's bath.

Enna Kodumai sir idhu ???!!!???
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Balini aka R. Gayathridevi said...

Please keep up this series.

by the powers vested in me (dont ask me what powers!), i declare you vignesh ram the master chronicler of human nonsense!!!

Vignesh said...

Thanks 4 the kind words.

But keeping up the series means more real-life weird encounters that make me utter the 'title' :-)

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