May 3, 2008

Yaaradi nee mohini - bit songs

At last, managed to get the 3 bonus tracks of "Yaaradi Nee Mohini"
and here I share it with you all fellow fans (Click on the title of tracks to download them)

Recent Update: Click here for more BGM pieces from the movie and versions of "Engeyo paartha mayakkam" song in Karthik & Naveen's voice.
Barring the awful tamil pronunciation, Udit is definitely a good choice for this song.

1. The person is the loser - Yuvan crooning ; part of BGM score

2. Podhum Podhum - One of my favourites from Yaaradi nee mohini's telugu version

3. D.Imman's remix of "Paalakaattu pakkathile" - Sounds very amateurish, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I think the Remix is from Yuvan himself though it does not sound like it but I had read this somewhere. D. Imman has "only" sung this song.

Anonymous said...

The Pothum Pothum song is my favourite. Just Mindblowing!!!! Awesome Work of Yuvan!

Anonymous said...

Yes..the remix is made by Yuvan himself..check this out..

Vignesh said...

That was an old news.
After that, Yuvan split with Selva and eventually Imman was roped in.
Check out

Hari said...

Thanks for link.

Raja said...

really thanks for this podum podum bgm song from yaradi nee mohini..... i search it all over,but found only here.... really thankfull 2 u....

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